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Monday, June 29, 2009


Hello, I'm Sushiboy, and I write code for a living.

Last year when the iPhone SDK came out I was too busy with school to do much with it. This summer I have an 8 week window between semesters. Instead of wasting that time playing World of Warcraft, I'd like to program an iPhone game.

Here is what is on the agenda.

1. Learn objective C.
2. Learn Cocoa/Cocoa Touch.
3. Write an iPhone game or two.

I am not an iPhone SDK or Cocoa expert. I have five years of experience writing code for the Mac, but this has been mainly in C++, using Carbon and some of the other older development tools like QuickDraw. In fact, I do not even own an iPhone or iPod Touch. To start, I can use a simulator, but somewhere down the line I will probably need to pick up one of these devices.

I've always loved programming games. I made a lot of games for turbo pascal. (tetris, hangman etc...) I made a few games for my graphing calculator in high school, when I should have been learning calculus. It's been too many years since I've done a game and it is high time for me to program a new one. I can't wait to write a game with the powerful, modern, mostly-free tools at my disposal.

I'm an Objective C n00b. So I figured if I was going to program for the iPhone, I'd better start with the basics. I realize that there are a litany of iPhone/Cocoa development blogs, many of these are more thorough, entertaining and snazzy than my blog can ever be. My goal in starting this blog is not to be a "me too" blog. I am writing this blog expressly for my benefit. Writing down what I have learned has always helped me cement concepts into my memory. While I am at it, why not let anyone who is curious look in too?

Glad you are here. I hope you enjoy my journey into iPhone/iPod-Touch development.

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